• The first and probably the most important step to take daily is showing up with our talents and best self; then, the universe aligns.
    - Debola Salako-Kupoluyi

    About Debola Salako-Kupoluyi

    Debola Salako-Kupoluyi fondly called DSK is passionate about transforming lives. Her innermost desire is to make a positive impact on others.

    Burdened by the number of street kids, she started Mantle of Mordecai (MOM) foundation, a registered non-profit organization with the mission to reduce the population of out-of-school children in Nigeria and by extension Africa. She is also a volunteer mentor of The Tony Elumelu Foundation tasked with empowering young entrepreneurs in Africa.

    Debola recently authored her first book titled “FREE”, a book that reveals how six successful women were sexually abused when they were children. It highlights precautions that could be taken to avoid sexual abuse and emphasizes the importance of parenting.

    She is also the country ambassador, Nigeria for Rise & Lead Netherlands – a global knowledge sharing, education and advocacy platform that connects leaders, emerging leaders, NGOs and change-makers to promote the inclusion of women in leadership in the workplace, marketplace and society to foster peace and prosperity in the world.

    Debola is also a seasoned professional with over ten years of valuable experience garnered in diverse challenging roles such as finance operations, enterprise risk management, internal audit plan & execution, quality assurance and so on. She is currently Senior Manager, Finance Operations at a New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) listed Real Estate Investment Trust (REIT).

    She is joyfully married to her best friend, Olasunkanmi Kupoluyi.

    About the Book

    FREE is a book that reveals how six successful women were sexually abused when they were children. It highlights precautions that could be taken to avoid sexual abuse and emphasizes the importance of parenting. This book FREE will leave you in awe of the potential that the human soul has to endure pain and rise to great heights. FREE is not just a book, but a transformational journey.

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    "FREE" Reviews

    This book is an intentional collection of true-life experiences of survivors of abuse. That said, FREE is that book that no doubt, helps to visualize and activate flight from the shackles of (sexual) abuses. As you read through the pages, you will experience what I am alluding to.

    The diversity of the application of the content of this book is equally captivating. FREE is the mindful documentation that tells individual stories of survival and I believe these stories are as instructive as they are compelling.

    FREE is particularly instructive for parents to help protect their children; for victims to see the VERY BRIGHT light at the end of the tunnel and for survivors to keep drawing strength and never give up on their journeys to H.E.A.L. We all heal differently but common to these survivors is the boldness they have been able to summon in taking charge of their lives, taking flight and declaring their FREEDOM. Well done to every contributor. I pray as you turn the pages, you become introduced to this freedom, truly H.E.A.L. and enjoy Happily Ever After Life.

    Siju Yusuf
    Happily Ever After Life - H.E.A.L

    Truly, there are treasures in heathen vessels and hard rocks can pour out oil. The story of six women’s painful experience of sexual abuse has resulted in FREE a book inspired by GOD himself to not only bring hope and healing to those who have experienced similar pain, but also to act as a roadmap to preventing a repeat of similar pain in the lives of young girls and boys.

    Hold a box of tissue as you read through the pages of this book because you may need it, but also let your heart be filled with gratitude because FREE isn’t only about the pain of yesterday; it is about the victory of today and the hope for a brighter tomorrow.

    Well done Adebola and all the beautiful strong women who shared their stories – you are shining a beacon of light to those coming behind. Thank you for saying “Yes” to the Lord.

    Dr. Lara Adetukasi
    Deputy Snr. Pastor,
    Deliverers of Zion Assembly, Nigeria

    FREE is a book for every parent who truly loves and cares about their child – boy or girl. While it chronicles the painful experiences of women when they were still young and innocent; it details how these warriors overcame and became victorious. It shows what parents must pay attention to even before an abuse occurs. It shows what a parent should do in the traumatic event that sexual abuse does occur.

    Read these stories and you would observe a common thread therein; parents cannot afford to take sexuality education leniently. Read it and you would find it brutally honest, that sometimes you may shed a tear; instructive because it gives tips on what you can do as a parent; and healing because if you had been abused and still hurt, you can find answers to your healing.

    Read it and pass it on.

    Olufunke Giwa
    Parenting Coach & Author,
    Parenting with Purpose
    Working on and reading FREE opened my eyes to what grace really means and the resilience of the human spirit.

    Debola has always lived up to a standard of excellence, and the quality of what she and our entire team have put together in this manual is a testimony to the amazon that she is. FREE is a legacy for a generation – this is not a book, it's a manual, a must-have for every parent and every home.

    The real heroes are the women who shared their stories and their vulnerability with us – this is true strength in demonstration! As a mother of four, my parenting has been forever impacted, my eyes have opened, and they will never be shut again. I am eternally grateful to have come in contact with Debola, and with this guide – Free! And I recommend it to everyone I know.

    Pastor Joy Opuda
    Lead Writer,
    Publisher Eight Eleven Ventures

    Thank you for providing a platform for women to share their stories. This is a powerful liberation tool that will enable anyone in these shoes to know without a doubt that past experiences do not define us, and God indeed can set anyone FREE to SOAR. I love the infusion of personal stories and practical tips to manage the situation.

    Thank you for this beautiful resource and I must confess, I cried as I read some experiences and when I saw the WHO AM I song, I sang it – it's one of my favourite songs.

    Thank you for this book.

    Ugochi Obidiegwu
    Managing Partner, Ulomka (The Safety Chic)

    Wow. I’m amazed by the boldness of all the women who shared what they’ve been through. This book has answered so many questions for me. The first being that God’s love can help you through even the most horrible experience ever. Thanks for sharing. thinks about you, because Jesus took them all away. He took our shame, guilt and all the repercussions that could have stood in the way of your advancement"

    Ladi Wada
    Content Writer
    This is a timely book which I believe God would use to heal many women and young girls who have experienced one form of sexual abuse or the other, and I am thankful Adebola obeyed the Holy Spirit’s instructions to get it written. It contains practical steps on how those who have experienced sexual abuse in any form can obtain healing through the word of God, the help of the holy spirit and counselling. It also addresses parents on how they can ensure that their children are not taken advantage of by those they employ. It speaks practically on how to teach children sex education.

    Every woman who has been sexually abused, every parent, teacher, and young adult needs to read this book as there is a lot of wisdom and lessons to be gleaned from it.

    Well-done Adebola!

    Oluwatoyin Alawode
    Information Security Consultant
    Host & Blogger
    Merriam-Webster Dictionary defines the word “Free” as not costing any money; not held as a slave or prisoner; not physically held by something. This book epitomises this definition. Inspiring stories of women who won regardless of been shamed, broken and battered ... heartfelt, plain, but refreshingly therapeutic ...

    I believe it speaks the minds of millions of girls and women who have been damaged and are still going through hurts even as married women and mothers. The book provides a succour, a solution and a way out of the buried pains. Oh, how it will help millions of women who could not deal with the humiliation and shame!

    I had loads of highpoints in this book and I can say it also helped me heal at some point. Thank you blessed ladies for sharing your stories. Thank you DSK. Reading this book puts all pains to rest ...

    "With God, there is no failure or shame when He thinks about you, because Jesus took them all away. He took our shame, guilt and all the repercussions that could have stood in the way of your advancement"

    Pastor Yemi Daniel
    Proprietress and Co-pastor
    It is easy to hear something repeatedly and eventually get used to it. When I pass by slums sometimes, I ask myself: “How are the people living here able to cope with the environment?” Then I remember that when you get fed the same thing over and over, irrespective of how it feels having it, you get used to it.

    Adebola’s story and stories of other women in FREE give credibility to how much damage has been brought on a lot of women (and men too, I believe) by those who may have either been “damaged” too at some point and are just passing on the pain; or just want to satisfy some temporary desire, but whose actions (that lasted a few minutes) have caused a lifetime effect of depression, suicidal tendencies, loss of self-esteem and self worth, and loop of even more abuse.

    FREE successfully does two things. It reveals how sexual abuse can be overlooked and how long lasting the impact can be – which mostly negatively shapes the future of children due to no fault of theirs. Then, it stirs in you a certain fire to do something! To take action! To do something that protects the girl (and boy) child from sexual abuse!

    Felix Imafidon

    Mantle of Mordecai(MOM) is founded by Debola Salako Kupoluyi, registered non-governmental and non-profit organization in Nigeria and our primary aim is to seek funds to enable out- of -school children have the financial support needed to access quality education. We have children from different parts of Nigeria, but we currently focus on the children in Dustbin Estate, a slum in Lagos State Nigeria where families literally live on refuse dump..

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